SOL-VET™ Oral Dispensing Syringe with Tip Cap

    Sol-Millennium offers a broad size of oral dispensing syringes including both clear and amber syringes.

    Oral Syringes

    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    210010A1ml with amber barrelAmber400100
    210010C1ml with clear barrelClear400100
    210030A3ml with amber barrelAmber400100
    210030C3ml with clear barrelClear400100
    210050A5ml with amber barrelAmber400100
    210050C5ml with clear barrelClear400100
    210100A10ml with amber barrelAmber400100
    210100C10ml with clear barrelClear400100


    • Special tip design

      Prevents wrong-route administration
    • Clear dose scale

      For accurate volume confirmation
    • Amber barrel option

      Protects light-sensitive drugs

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