SOL-M™ Hypodermic Needle

    SOL-Millennium offers a wide range of hypodermic needles with the focus on patient comfort. The hubs are color coded for gauge identification. SOL-M™ blister peel-apart packaging allows for ease in dispensing the needle.


    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    11300530G x 1/2”Yellow hub1000100
    11290529G x 1/2”Red hub1000100
    11270527G x 1/2”Gray hub1000100
    11263826G x 3/8”Beige hub1000100
    11250625G x 5/8”Orange hub1000100
    11251025G x 1”Orange hub1000100
    11251525G x 1 1/2”Orange hub1000100
    11231023G x 1”Blue hub1000100
    112312523G x 1 1/4”Blue hub1000100
    11221022G x 1”Black hub1000100
    11221522G x 1 1/2”Black hub1000100
    11211021G x 1”Green hub1000100
    11211521G x 1 1/2”Green hub1000100
    11201020G x 1”Yellow hub1000100
    11201520G x 1 1/2”Yellow hub1000100
    11191519G x 1 1/2”Brown hub1000100
    11181018G x 1”Pink hub1000100
    11181518G x 1 1/2”Pink hub1000100


    • Extra needle sharpness

      Minimizes patient discomfort
    • Color-coded hubs

      Ease of gauge identification
    • Translucent hubs

      Ease of flashback confirmation
    • Special needle lubrication

      Improves injection comfort

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