For situations when luer lock needle systems are required or preferred, SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical introduces the SOL-CARE™ Luer Lock Safety Syringe. This product is designed with an integrated safety feature which retracts the needle back in to the barrel and breaks the plunger to prevent needle stick injury and provides the added ability to exchange needles or to use any needless access devices with a luer lock fitting (e.g. SOL-M™ Blunt Fill Needle), which replaces the standard steel needle used for withdrawing medication from vials. SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical offers a wide variety of luer lock exchangeable combinations to choose from.


    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    Notes: Notes: 19g x 1 1/2" Needle
    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box


    • Highly transparent barrel with bold, precise scale

      For perfect visualization and accurate dosage.
    • Semitransparent needle hub

      For quick observation of flashback.
    • Integrated plunger stopper

      Prevents plunger from being pulled out, avoiding exposure to hazardous fluids.High quality individually blister packaging ensures sterility.Special silicon lubrication for smooth plunger movement.Wide Flanges for comfort and stability.

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    Safety Syringe is designed to aid in the prevention of needle stick injuries.

    Integral safety engineered design: hands and fingers remain away from the needle during injection and activation of safety mechanism. Go to video

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