SOL-CARE™ Safety Needle

    SOL-CARE™ safety needle is a needle-based safety device that helps you easily convert from non-safety to safety, protecting healthcare workers from exposed to needle stick injuries. The standard hub is compatible with all standard luer tip syringe while the reduction of extra dead space minimizes medication waste. An audible click confirms activation of the safety mechanism.



    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    SN301230G x 1/2''Yellow cap800100
    SN271527G x 1 1/2''Gray cap800100
    SN275827G x 5/8''Gray cap800100
    SN271227G x 1/2''Gray cap800100
    SN273427G x 3/4''Gray cap800100
    SN2712527G x 1 1/4''Gray cap800100
    SN263826G x 3/8''Light orange cap800100
    SN261226G x 1/2''Light orange cap800100
    SN261026G x 1''Light orange cap800100
    SN251225G x 1/2''Orange cap800100
    SN255825G x 5/8''Orange cap800100
    SN251025G x 1''Orange cap800100
    SN251525G x 1 1/2''Orange cap800100
    SN241024G x 1''Yellow cap800100
    SN235823G x 5/8''Blue cap800100
    SN231023G x 1''Blue cap800100
    SN2312523G x 1 1/4''Blue cap800100
    SN231523G x 1 1/2''Blue cap800100
    SN221022G x 1''Black cap800100
    SN2212522G x 1 1/4''Black cap800100
    SN221522G x 1 1/2''Black cap800100
    SN215821G x 5/8''Green cap800100
    SN211021G x 1''Green cap800100
    SN2112521G x 1 1/4''Green cap800100
    SN211521G x 1 1/2''Green cap800100
    SN201020G x 1''Yellow cap800100
    SN201520G x 1 1/2''Yellow cap800100
    SN191019G x 1''Brown cap800100
    SN191519G x 1 1/2''Brown cap800100
    SN181018G x 1''Pink cap800100
    SN181518G x 1 1/2''Pink cap800100
    SN182018G x 2''Pink cap800100
    SN192019G x 2''Brown cap800100
    SN200520G x 2''Yellow cap800100
    SN210521G x 2''Green cap800100
    SN220522G x 2''Black cap800100
    SN241524G x 1 1/2''Yellow cap800100
    SN242024G x 2''Yellow cap800100


    • Intuitive, single hand safety activation

      Minimal training and in-service needs
    • Integrated safety arm

      Prevent accidental needle stick injuries to healthcare workers
    • Bevel-up oriented needle

      Allows for low-angle injections
    • Patented locking design

      Needle securely covered by the sheath

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