SOL-M™ Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needle

    SOL-M™ Multi-Sample Needle makes it possible to collect several samples with a single vein puncture.

    It is to be used together with blood collection tube holders.


    Blood Collection

    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    11020102000222 G x 1"Black1000100
    11020102000322 G x 1 1/4"Black1000100
    11020102000421 G x 1"Green1000100
    11020102000521 G x 1 1/4"Green1000100
    11020102000620 G x 1"Yellow1000100
    11020102000720 G x 1 1/4"Yellow1000100


    • Low-angle bevel design

      Allows for easy penetration
    • Color-coded caps and hubs

      For easy identification of needle gauge
    • Compatible with standard needle holders

      For flexibility of use

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