SOL-CARE™ Safety Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needle

SOL-CARE™ Safety Multi-Sample Blood Collection Needle is a safety-engineered tool for multi-sample venous blood collection.

The device is designed with a safety mechanism covering the needle after use.

In the activated position, the needle cover guards against accidental needlestick during normal handling and disposal.

It is also offered with a pre-attached holder.


Blood Collection

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
SMSN22125 22G * 1 1/4 Black 480 48
SMSNH22125 2G * 1 1/4 with Holder Black 400 50
SMSN21125 1G * 1 1/4 Green 480 48
SMSNH21125 1G * 1 1/4 with Holder Green 400 50


  • Simple and intuitive

    Making safety conversion straightforward
  • Thin-wall nedle

    Provides effective flow rate to reduce the risk of blood hemolysis
  • Low-angle bevel design

    Helps to minimize pain and discomfort for patients

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