SOL-M™ Pen Needle

SOL-M Pen Needles are compatible with insulin pen devices available on the market according to ISO 11608-2, list available on demand.

SOL-M Pen Needles ensure precise insulin flow, gentle penetration, while also minimising pain perception.

Each needle gauge and length is color coded for easier identification.

Pen Needle

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
PN311564 31G(0.25mm)*15/64(6mm) Orange 5000 100
PN31516 31G(0.25mm)*5/16(8mm) Light Blue 5000 100
PN31316 31G(0.25mm)*3/16(5mm) Violet 5000 100
PN32532 32G(0.23mm)*5/32(4mm) Green 5000 100
PN33532 33G(0.20mm)*5/32(4mm) Light Green 5000 100


  • Two protecting caps

    To facilitate needle handling and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Color coded inner protecting cap

    For easier identification of needle length and gauge.
  • Thin-wall technology (33G-31G)

    Allows higher medication flow.
  • Lubricated stainless steel needle

    For a better performance.

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