SOL-M™ Luer Lock Syringe with Exchangeable Needle Tray

SOL-M™ luer lock syringe with exchangeable needle tray is one of the new members of the SOL-M™ product family. The syringe is compatible with various nuclear medicine shields that are most popular in United of States.

Syringe Trays

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
1832310T 3ml 23G x 1" Blue 1000 25 per Tray
1832210T 3ml 22G x 1" Black 1000 25 per Tray
1832110T 3ml 21G x 1" Green 1000 25 per Tray
1852110T 5ml 21G x 1" (sealed cap) Green 1000 25 per Tray
1852010T 5ml 20G x 1" Yellow 1000 25 per Tray
110101120012 10ml 21G x 1" Green 1000 25 per Tray
110101120011 10ml 20G x 1" Yellow 1000 25 per Tray


  • Low dead space

    Reduces medication waste
  • 25 or 50 syringes per tray

    Reduces waste and prep time
  • Clear and bold gradations

    Easy to read
  • ISO color coded

    Easy and quick identification of the needle gauge

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