SOL-CARE™ Luer Lock Safety Syringe without Needle

The SOL-CARE™ Luer lock safety syringe is designed with an integrated safety feature which retracts the needle back into the barrel. The ability to break the plunger off also aids in preventing needle stick injury.

Exchanging needles or connecting to devices with a Luer lock fitting (e.g. SOL-M™ blunt fill needle) is quick and effortless. Sol-Millennium Medical offers a wide variety of Luer lock exchangeable combinations.

Safety Syringes

Product-Code Description Units per Case Units per Box
120006IM 3 ml 800 100
120007IM 5 ml 800 100
120008IM 10 ml 800 100
120009IM 20 ml 600 50


  • Highly transparent barrel with bold, precise scale

    Offers better visualization and more accurate dosage
  • Integrated plunger stopper

    Prevents plunger from being pulled out, avoiding exposure to hazardous fluids

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