SOL-CARE™ Luer Lock Syringe with Safety Needle

    The SOL-CARE™ safety needle allows for single-handed activation of safety feature.

    The safety mechanism is an integrated part of the needle and provides an audible “click” to indicate safety activation.

    The needles can be used with any standard luer lock or slip tip syringes. Bevel up needle allows for low angle injections. Once activated, the needle remains securely fastened via a double lock mechanism.

    Safety Syringes

    Product-CodeDescriptionColor CodeUnits per CaseUnits per Box
    12558SN1 ml - 25 G x 5/8"Orange1200100
    12705SN1 ml - 27 G x 1/2"Grey1200100
    13005SN1 ml - 30 G x 1/2"Yellow1200100
    32110SN3 ml - 21 G x 1''Green1200100
    32115SN3 ml - 21 G x 1 1/2''Green1200100
    32210SN3 ml - 22 G x 1''Black1200100
    32215SN3 ml - 22 G x1 1/2''Black1200100
    32310SN3 ml - 23 G x 1''Blue1200100
    32558SN3 ml - 25 G x 5/8''Orange1200100
    32510SN3 ml - 25 G x 1''Orange1200100
    522115SN5 ml - 22 G x 1 1/2"Black1200100
    102215SN10 ml - 22 G x 1 1/2"Black60050


    • Intuitive, single hand safety activation

      Minimal training and in-service needs
    • Integrated safety arm

      Prevent accidental needle stick injuries to healthcare workers
    • Bevel-up oriented needle

      Allows for low-angle injections

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