SOL-CARE™ Safety Allergy Tray and Flu Tray

SOL-CARE™ safety syringe allergy and flu trays feature a fixed needle are manually retractable safety syringes.

SOL-CARE™ safety syringe is designed to aid in the protection of needle stick injuries.

Conveniently packaged 25 syringes to a tray-reduces time spent opening individual blister packs and reduces waste.

Safety Syringe Trays

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
100032IM 27 G x 1/2” Grey 1000 25 per Tray
100069IM 26 G x 3/8” IDB Brown 1000 25 per Tray
100088IM 25 G x 1" Orange 1000 25 per Tray
Notes: IDB: Intradermal bevel


  • Bold, easy to read markings

    Enhances accurate dose preparation and verification
  • Locking ring

    Needle is secured into barrel of syringe, cannot be re-used
  • Permanently attached needle

    Minimizes medication waste
  • 1ml syringe

    Facilitates small dose injections

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