SOL-GUARD™ TB Safety Syringe with Fixed Needle

SOL-GUARD™ TB safety syringe is engineered to aid in the reduction of needle stick injuries. The SOL-GUARD™ Syringe has a transport mode and clear markings for visibility of draw-up of medication. Syringe was designed with minimal dead space.

TB Safety Syringes

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
2031516SG 0.3 ml - 31 G x 5/16" Clear 800 100
200067SG 1 ml - 28 G x 5/8" Clear 800 100
200018SG 1 ml - 25 G x 1/2" Clear 800 100
200088SG 1 ml - 25 G x 1" Flu Tray Orange 1000 25


  • Transparent locking safety shield

    Protects the healthcare worker during transport before and after use of the device. Protective shield can be temporarily locked with either a right or left twist. An audible click is heard to confirm the final locked position.
  • Revolutionary orbit cover

    Eliminates need to recap the needle after draw-up
  • Low dead space

    Reduces medication waste

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