SOL-GUARD™ TB Safety Syringe with Fixed Needle

SOL-GUARD™ TB safety syringe is engineered to aid in the reduction of needle stick injuries.

The SOL-GUARD™ Syringe  has a transport mode safety feature, which allows to protect the needle during transport of the syringe from the point of filling to the point of use.  then, an easy to activate, safety feature will permanently disable the syringe and cover the needle,

Clear markings  facilitate visibility of draw-up of medication. Syringe is designed with minimal dead space.

TB Safety Syringes

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
2031516SG 0.3 ml - 31 G x 5/16" Clear 800 100
200067SG 1 ml - 28 G x 5/8" Clear 800 100
200018SG 1 ml - 25 G x 1/2" Clear 800 100
200088SG 1 ml - 25 G x 1" Flu Tray Orange 1000 25


  • Transparent locking safety shield

    Protects the healthcare worker during transport before and after use of the device. Protective shield can be temporarily locked with either a right or left twist. An audible click is heard to confirm the final locked position.
  • Revolutionary orbit cover

    Eliminates need to recap the needle after draw-up
  • Low dead space

    Reduces medication waste

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