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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SOL-CARE™ Safety syringes are high-quality, manually retractable safety syringes. With needle retraction and reuse prevention, they significantly decrease the risk of needlestick injury. Needle retraction means the syringe needle is pulled back into the syringe barrel after injection. Reuse prevention means the syringe cannot be reused after injection since the needle is permanently locked inside the barrel.

The SOL-CARE™ Safety Syringe looks and functions like a traditional syringe and is easy to use. With the clinician’s hand and fingers safely positioned behind the needle, the clinician administers the medication and retracts the plunger, causing the needle to retract into the syringe barrel. Once the needle is retracted, the plunger is snapped off, permanently disabling the device.

Activating the safety mechanism of a SOL-CARE™ Safety Syringe is quick and easy. Push, Pull and Snap! Simply deliver the dosage per standard protocol, depressing the plunger fully to engage the safety mechanism. Pull the plunger fully back into the barrel of the syringe (causing the needle to retract inside the barrel), and snap off the plunger. Retraction of the needle into the barrel reduces the volume of medical waste, aiding in reduction of disposal costs. Most importantly, the SOL-CARE™ safety design reduces potential for needlestick injuries as hands remain behind the needle during activation of the safety feature.

SOL-CARE™ safety syringes can be used for a variety of injections such as insulin, allergy, tuberculin, immunization and nuclear medicine.

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