• SOL-GUARD™Safety Syringes

      Insulin and TB safety syringes feature a locking sheath and reversible transport mode to help reduce accidental needlestick injuries More info
    • SOL-CARE™Safety Blood Collection

      BCD permanently locks both needles within the capsule upon activation More info
    • SOL-VET™Insulin Syringes

      Veterinary insulin syringes with fixed needle and half unit markings are available for both U40 and U100 insulin More info
    • SOL-M™Blunt Fill Needles

      These needles are designed to draw-up medication, re-constitute medication and aid in accessing IV Bags More info


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    We will continually protect healthcare workers, patients and the environment by providing innovative, quality medical devicesOUR HISTORY
    • Safety

      Our team is committed to improving the safety and well-being of healthcare workers, patients and downstream workers by reducing the risk of needlestick injury

    • Quality

      We offer a variety of patented products designed to assist healthcare workers in delivering the best care possible

    • Innovation

      As a global healthcare company, we are dedicated to research and develop innovative products that meet changing clinical needs to promote a healthier tomorrow

    • Global Presence

      SOL-Millennium Group has a global reach with offices in Shanghai (HQ/Asia Pacific), Atlanta (North America), Sao Paulo (South America) and Warsaw (EMEA)